Obsessed, Blessed & Cursed

I never chose to start making music, it chose to make itself through me.  I don`t have any training nor was I brought up with any instruments at my disposal.  So it was a shock and a fright to be a little boy plagued with tantalizing sounds forced into my mind in the middle of the night, prompting me to get up and try to recreate them, whether or not my body was capable of understanding what a `melody` or a `chord` or a `scale` was, or what sort instrument was being communicated to me by whatever mystical source this was.

This has continued to happen my whole life, although now I can sometimes pacify whatever source it comes from, and beg for it to ``come to me at a more convenient time so i can SLEEP, PLEASE`

Still, I will continue to listen to the heavenly ethers and be as receptive as I can be, and gratefully allow whichever magical sound needs to emerge.

2 Responses Jun 6, 2012

i greatly admire artists and inventors who get their creations out of the ether, as it were. the first time i heard "heavenly" music i was way past childhood and went bouncing around to find the radio -- took a bit to realize it was coming from within my self. lovely music, but it didn't demand that i recreate it, and it wasn't my reason for becoming sensitive to the inner world --

so you have heard these heavenly sounds too!? i have to admire you as well! i feel like maybe the demand in the past came from something that was needed for me to do to save myself from desperate times. as if these heavenly sources were saying "you must do this, it will help you!" now i can approach it more lax as perhaps my life situation is not as dire as it once was.

i think you may be right about something needed. i look at it as programming, which doesn't nullify that idea. i see it as programming because that's the only way i can put into words what happens during the process of consciously readying oneself to catch certain things. it seems your main "programming" is music, others are writing or painting, while others' main programming is for direct knowledge, love, peace --

we each program and deprogram ourselves with our thoughts, emotions, and expectations. in my not-so-humble opinion.

i am completely on the same page as you! your opinion resonates with me entirely.

the truth is, i am a young man with the grumpiness of a 70 year old!