A Dream For the Future.

When I was twelve, my uncle gave us some computer software for composition. Since then, I have been addicted.

As an avid video gamer, I always listened to the music of the game with (in some cases) more interest than the game itself. I would go to the movies to watch the movie, and to pay attention to the techniques used by the composers in their music. As a bassoonist with really good relative pitch (or so I assume), I am able to figure out and imitate many melodies I've heard throughout my life. Now, I want to be a creater of music.

Coming up in high school, I wrote music in a couple of different styles to experiment. I tried symphonic, chamber, electronic, and even some latin, but my favorite so far has been video game music.

Now that I will be attending university, all these people saying that "oh, musicians never make real money" have given me a certain phobia of majoring in music, so I will be majoring in computer science, but, this article I found ( http://www.stetson.edu/administration/marcom/articles/view.php?type=stories&id=173 ) brings me hope that one day I'll live my dream, and living as a composer is absolutely possible.

richivinsky richivinsky
18-21, M
Jun 18, 2007