Music Theory

I'm taking theory 3 in uni right now, and I'm kind of scared. Theory 2 was difficult! What am I going to do? What was not covered!? AH!
I love four part writing, though, it's second nature to me! SATB chords rule!!
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The best way to stay on top of your game in theory is to practice. I was the top student in my class, in fact I ended up becomming a composition/ theory major. But all this was after miserably flunking out of my first class. Staright F's (didn't know what I was doing). That summer I taught-myself, from the materials of intro theory. It's really all a matter of repetition and discovering patterns. I would sit at restaurants and scribble up the napkins with thoery. It becomes a fun obsession if you let it. Listen to some of my compositions at

Ahh...I would love to be able to write music.

You study music at a university? Please tell me more. I would like to become something with music but I don't think I am good enough at playing myself to make a living of that.