Lied And Now Trapped

I had a fight with my girl friend on cheating with her. my whole story is here EP Link My girl is very possessive. I had a friend who is a girl,and we are very very good friends. She was the one who helped me overcome my depression. We were friends since 8 yrs. We never had any intimate relation, never and never. We were very good friends, infact we had shared many personal stuff too. We never had the thought of getting married, as we knew, we cannot make a good pair. My girl friend doesnt like me talking to her AT all. but sometimes and very rarely i or she calls her. I had used their home few times. Me and my friend, had stayed under single roof when no one was there. But we never had sex or slept together. She is busy with her life and I am busy with mine. I had lied to my girl friend that she is my cousin. Even though I told her she is my cousin she doubts me that we have slept together and are intimate.. How do I make the world believe these things to the world. I am confused and helpless. Now i want to tell her the truth. She already had some shadow of doubt that she doesnt belong to my family. what shd I do now? please help me guys... thanks in advance
stupid1006 stupid1006
26-30, M
Sep 12, 2012