Been Too Long, Not For Long

When I was still in elementary school and high school, our school wants us to confess our sins maybe once in every 3 to 5 months. (Also, my school was a private Catholic school.) I always attend confessions, always say the same sins.

I had my last confession last March 2008. After that, I never went to any confessions available, maybe its the thing that I don't know where to confess to or I'm just lazy to go on a confession.

Today (Sept 3, 10), my school (in college) had us take our confession with our school priest. I didn't feel nervous, I just thought, "Why feel nervous? I have done this before." When its my turn I immediately had butterflies on my tummy. During my confession, I was stuttering and even told the priest that I can't remember of any sins that I have committed. After my confession, I feel very at ease, the feeling I had was very light and happy. Like all the heavy things I have been carrying on my back for years vanished. And I realized that, I have forgot what it feels like to confess sins and be forgiven, what it feels like to open up to a person you know who won't be telling your sins to others and even forgive them. Now that I have remembered, I think I won't miss any confessions again.

PS. Thank you Father, and to my Theology professor. =) God Speed.

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I forgive you....