Her Story

She said : "Baby, I slept with someone."

He looked down and there was silent. His face changed, the excitement in his eyes died.

She tried and peer into his eyes in search of a response.
She looked down at her cold, dry palms and took several small breaths, still waiting.

"When?" He said
"2 weeks ago, after my Paris flight."

The silence continued. It was deafening.

He was hoping to make love to her tonight but seems like the atmosphere now deemed to heavy for it.

There was no eye contact for a while, he was deep in his thoughts trying to utter a question out of the million that is crushing into his brains now.

He sank in to the bed.

She sat at the corner of the bed, waiting with her hands clutched tight.

"Why did you do it?" He probed.

She realizes that this is the question that she has no answer for.

"I don't know." tears rolled down her cheek.

"Are you sure you are not making this up to break up with me?"

She was taken aback. "Of course not! It doesn't make me look good by confessing this but i have to. We have always been honest with each other. This is definitely not something i want to hide from you. I'm telling you this because i love you and you need to know everything. I don't feel good hiding something like this from you. It is definitely not me."

He was trying so hard to digest the truth. He could not believe that this is happening to him. He has cheated in all his relationship in the past. Finally he found someone whom he mend his ways for, she failed him.

He was crushed yet staying inconceiveably clam.

She wept softly, the tears were uncontrollable while she looked up at him.

He slouched into the heaps of pillow by the bed stand, sighing.

He looked up and saw remorse embedded in her eyes deep.

He reached to hug her, it hurts to see his baby cry. The hug made her weaker and she wept even more.

"I don't understand. You said you love me yet you can cheat on me." She looked down but he tipped her face up examining her moist cheeks. Looking into her eyes, he asked "Do you love me?"

She felt sadness slowly engulfing her at her core. She was ashamed to say it out but she did. "I love you."

He pulled her into his arms, his scent somehow had a comforting wave of warmth streaming into her. He squeezed her so tight, fearing it might be the last.

"So why did you do it?"

"I don't know. I was depressed ever since that Paris flight, i thought you didn't love me enough. It has been 2 years since you told me you want to move in with me. I waited and waited. every time i asked, its the same answer, you say you are trying but it seems to me you were doing less than you should. When? When will we be able to see each other everyday? How long do i have to wait for you? Give a time, a reason to stay strong, baby."

She gasped.

"I know this is a lame excuse for my cheat but it happened. I was drunk that night. But i consciously accepted the invite and had drinks and at the end walked in with him to his hotel room. That is the whole truth." She continued. "i cannot lame it on anything else but myself. I chose to cheat, thats it."

In his heart he applauded her courage for saying it out but still, he wished she hadn't. The truth was to sharp to handle. The one woman that he gave his heart to had failed her. For the past 2 years, they both had pride themselves on their faithfulness. None other relationship they have seen even came close to what they had, let alone theirs being long distance.

"How was he?"

This was a question she was not prepared for. "Why? Does it matter?" she countered.

He was curious to know how it is possible for anyone of them to cheat when the sex was so amazing between them.

"He was nothing like you. No one can."

He sighed.

He gestured for her to move into bed with him. He lay his left arm out for her to nook in her favorite spot. He took her into his arms and gently kissed her forehead. She smell just the way he imagined her to be. It has been a long time since he ran his fingers in her long hair. He missed it so much. Yet he couldn't believe that she would do something like this to him. It almost seemed impossible from the intimacy and connection they shared there was room for infidelity.

As she snuggled into his nook, she suddenly remember how peaceful it felt to be there. Streams of tears gushed. Her weeping continued.  He hushed her, cooing her gently, patting on her head softly. "Sshhh... Its ok. We are not saints and we make mistakes sometimes. I'm not saying this to make you feel better, but it is the truth. Like what you wanted me to know. The truth." He stroked her hair gently "Just remember i still love you, ok?" He lifted her chin up and kissed gently on her lips. The tenderness of his lips was killing her, made her more remorseful.

As his gentle touch calms her gradually, her weeping subside. She was almost slowly drifting into sleep when he said "But baby, i can't be next to you right now. I'm still confused over the fact that you chose to cheat on me over a random guy. I couldn't believe that you chose to stain the relationship over a guy you barely knew. I love you and i still do but i'm trying my best to search for an answer for me to believe you. Maybe i need some time alone, but i miss being away from you now. I don't wanna leave you now but i have to have some air."

She look up at his face. She understand this is what he need right now. "I'm so sorry, i dun mean to hurt you like this. Go if you have to, baby."

"I love you" He said.

For the first time, she saw tears in his eyes.

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Nice story, curious if it was made up. Please reply :D

amazing... don't tell anyone but it made me watery eyes...!!

Her: "Baby, I slept with someone".
Him: "My lawyer will be contacting you. You have ruined our lives. I hope I will find someone better than you.".

Loyalty is over sold and overvalued! I strongly recommend **** freedom to all!

Dear Nico, when we cheat...we will be cheated in the end.Even if we are not cheated we fear.We don't trust...Above all we feel so low. If I am your Bf Iwill continue loving you if you sincerely turn over a new leaf with God's help.2nd i won't open mysely up to temptation and irelate more with my BF.My joy is I find someone faithful {though she was raped and didn't tel l me} and we are happily married for 28 years.I know you don't trust yourself but with God 's help you are able..Ta! Ta!

Wow....! Sounds like a good novel to me...

Id dump you so fast it would make your head spin. Was the s3x good with your hook up? Did you let him do things that BF is not allowed?

Oh dear.......<br />
<br />
How is your bf like? I know you love him.... but does he fancy watching you? If may not be the end of the world. If he likes watching like me, make sure you have him there when you 'cheat' so that he can enjoy and join in..........................

i am oral for both her and him!

We think everyone's sexuality is aobut the same, but in truth there is wide variability in sexual need and sexual desire. Nicorley, I do not want to discourage you or him, but when desire takes hold in a person, one does what one has to do to fulfill that desire. Women often strongly desire (many would say "need") different sexual experiences and to have the feeling that they can attract and arouse men. It is little understood that women sometimes want tender lovemaking and other times want raw sexuality. Most men are not as flexible. The tender guy often cannot become Mr. Raw. <br />
<br />
I notice that he did not ask you if you felt like you could resist temptation in the future. It may be that both of you will benefit from revising your expectations sexually. Why not look at the possibility of including others in the sexual part of your relationship. It sounds horrible, but if you work on it you may both find it delightful. Variety is the spice of life. After 2 or 3 years sex within marriage often takes on a feeling of being in a boring routine. Men have a bad habit of not learning new tricks. Women become frustrated and often turn to other pleasures like food. At least consider, that for you as a unique couple, some sort of open elements in your relationship may enhance things between you. The things that release incredible passion now may become part of the routine, otherwise.

This is the hardest thing. Trusting and getting past this obstruction. Don't think I could handle it, but wish you guys luck.

Our humamity is suseptible to our emotions and our only defence, our only saving grace is our honesty.<br />
So bravo you have command of the proper tools for life

Thank you mj... so much... it helps to hear the views of someone who has been in my boyfriends situation.

thank you mj, your comment was spot on.<br />
<br />
Just after we decide to give our relationship another shot we promise each other we will reassure each other of our love. He needs a lot of it and at nights when he can't sleep and was plagued by what i did to him, he would call me and ask me for reassurance. I think i night have to do it constantly till the day comes when he is recovered from doubts and hurts that i have inflicted on him.<br />
<br />
I take this upon myself willingly. Since i was the one who created all this.<br />
<br />
I only hope for his constant forgiveness and kindness.

thank you pad

I think the two of you will learn from this and become stronger. I wish you both all the best.

Yes, i'm trying to show him and reassure my love my love for him. i will try as long as it takes, as long as he allows me.

From what i can see his love for you is very strong and he dosn't want to let you go....<br />
I'm sure you two can work past this and have long loving future together...

JJ,<br />
<br />
i knew he loved but but just didn't know how much. Only after this then i realized that he loved me too much. so much that he is willing to forget this incident and try to move on together. I was amazed at how forgiving he is. It hurt him so much to look at me yet he is able to still look me in the eyes and tell me that he love me. I now know what kind of love he has for me, the unconditional, infinite kind.<br />
<br />
I just hope we can work past this together and hope for a better and stronger future together.<br />
<br />

My need to confess is partly for him. He has to and deserve to know. I can never look him in the eyes and tell him that i love him without thinking about it... it is just not me. Faithfulness is the only thing we share and i just gave it away. I have lots of regrets and hurting him is the biggest one.

You had the guts to tell. I am still hiding what I did and it kills me. I wish you the best

I would like to share my thought.. just not here. I hope you find the peace you need. You may be grappling with something bigger than you know. Rest assured, there is someone, the right one, out there who accepts you and understands you as you are. As a man I wonder how I would respond to a situation like this.

The heart makes fools of us, it seems...<br />
<br />
... and is love alone ever enough?<br />
<br />
I feel quite sad for both of you, and hope that there is a path that leads to a better place. Certainly you have the courage of honesty and his capacity for compassion and love in difficult and confusing circumstances is very impressive indeed. <br />
<br />
Best of luck. With some fortune, perhaps this is an opportunity for new mutual insight and understanding into things that were always going to have to be dealt with.

Thank you very much you guys, your comments did help me. big kiss

ah sweetie my heart breaks for you in your situation. after reading this i have tears in my eyes as well. I sincerely hope everything works out for the best for the both of which...whatever the best may be *HUGS*

i have to say i deserve it.


I dunno, tell me.