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No Pleasure In Life

I confess I feel no pleasure in life nor any enjoyment. I don't have a propose in life and I can't make one because I fear failing it.
Everything is passing: the enjoyment of eating, drinking, sadly-************ (quite disgusting, if I think of it... I am like a monkey which can't stop. So disgusting...). I don't know any more who I am and what I want... in those moments I would like to run from home to find the true meaning of life...
Gheata Gheata 18-21, M 2 Responses Jan 18, 2012

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slap yourself in the face? does that work?

I tried that and it doesn't work. i just became a masochist at a point in my life. Now I am better because I found God in faith.

you will definitely get pleasure and enjoyment :) you will know the purpose of life ...just have some patience...God bless you

Then I shall have patience, wait and start making something for what I want to become.

yea...thats the spirit :) keep it up