No Pleasure In Life


The old me said:

I confess I feel no pleasure in life nor any enjoyment. I don't have a propose in life and I can't make one because I fear failing it.
Everything is passing: the enjoyment of eating, drinking, sadly-************ (quite disgusting, if I think of it... I am like a monkey which can't stop. So disgusting...). I don't know any more who I am and what I want... in those moments I would like to run from home to find the true meaning of life...

The new me says:

I love God and how He changed me into good. I love how He helps others through me. I love how He gives me so many lessons and protects me from lust. Thank you Jesus for taking care of me - a pebble in an ocean of stones. Thank you, Jesus!
Gheata Gheata
22-25, M
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and you want to help me "repent" ! ha ! I am sorry but I will never follow God. I am far happier than you. I enjoy life. I love living. I love eating and sleeping. I pray to isis when I please and she makes me so happy knowing she is always with me.

perhaps one of her prayers could help you in your dark times

"Oh Thou, Nuit! Eternal Seity of heaven, who art the primordial Soul, who art what was and what shall be, Isis, whose veil no mortal has lifted, when Thou art beneath the irradiating stars of the nocturnal and profound sky of the desert, with purity of heart and in the flame of the serpent, we call upon Thee!"

by the way, the word amen comes from the egyptian word for the king of the gods, Amun. Amun is a very important deity in my religion.

You pray to demons. Isis is a demon. Clearly you are deceived for that demons leave you be knowing that soon they will get your soul and then you will be tormented day and night and your life with its pleasure will be nothing more than a curse for you!

Jesus whom is the son of God sacrificed himself so that you can inherit heaven after you die! But you mock His sacrifice! You will be punished if you go on this demonic path! Fallow God, repent and you will see how demons will ant you back. How they will appear in your dreams, desiring to deceive you once again! Foolish one, oh foolish one! They are nothing more than beasts whom cannot love. They are pure evil and when they'll get their hands on you, you will suffer eternally!

Repent while you still can!

blah blah blah. from reading your experiences you're nothing but a pathetic unhappy human being. why would I listen to what you have to say ? xD I am a thousand times happier than you will ever be.

well, girl, these are my past experiences. I changed - God changed me and now I am quite happy and balanced. What is pleasurable is not always good. Poison can be sweet but also fatal. Idolatry can look good but it;s final destination is Hell with its torments. How can something which is good lead to torments? It can't! It leads to torments for that it is bad. repent while you still can, sister. i had experiences with the demons you worship and I can tell that they tortured me and it hurts so much!

yeah yeah yeah whatever you say.

I was possessed and tortured many days. My spirit was tortured and it hurts a lot. You cannot escape pain in spirit as you can in your body through fainting or other ways. In spirit you are 100% awake all the time and the pain is maximum! Come to Jesus, He loves you. Come, sister. Let the idols and demons behind. Come and repent. I will help you on the way as much as God will inspire me. May God bless you.

shut the **** up you don't know what you're talking about.

I know very well. Look for SCOAN and T.B Joshua and exorcism on youtube. You will see how your gods (demons) are defeated in the name of Jesus Christ! Also I had lots of experience with demons as they visited me, scared me, possessed me and tormented me in various ways. Only by seeking and running to Jesus I found salvation and received freedom from the torments and fears.

May Jesus save you sister. May God bless you, little sister.

I still find this hilarious. I've never been happier following isis. I've never had a better friend than I do now.

This demon you are fallowing cannot love. Talk to her about Jesus. Call Jesus in her presence and ask her to praise Jesus at least once. You will see how much she will fear. This demon you are worshiping if you do not repent and come to Jesus- this demon will torment you in hell. Demons hate wizards and idolaters as much as Christians for that we ll are made in God's image and they hate God so much! Repent while you still can. I beg of you. They are lairs and deceivers and so evil.

hahahahahahaha okay whatever. I'll continue being a follower of isis because that's who I am. maybe I'm a demon myself I don't care hahahaha. I don't care what you think about me.

You will see in your life how many problems will have the ones around you. After your death they will torment you day and night. Come to SCOAN (Africa) or to any true christian church (I propose an orthodox one) and see how your demons will be exorcised. Come to Jesus, he wants to save you.

haha you're so funny. I'm perfectly fine the way I am. obviously my mind doesn't correspond with the minds of the followers of your church. you shouldn't disrespect my ancient beliefs that have exists since before Christianity and Catholicism.

my religion existed thousands of years before Jesus Christ was born.

you know what my gods will ask me when I die ? "did you find joy ?" and "did you bring joy ?"
if my gods want me to find joy and bring joy with me in the afterlife then why would you think I'm not happy ? I have found joy already and I don't need another religion. that's the problem with monotheism extremists, they think that everyone else is going to hell unless they believe the same things you do. the fact of the matter is that I understand death a thousand times more than you ever will.

to misunderstand death is to misunderstand life. I live by that.

Yes, through your religion demons took many in hell. Through it many are tormented and many blood sacrifices were made! Jesus whom is the Son of God came to kill this serpent and save us from damnation. He killed the serpent but it seems like the serpent found a place in your heart. The serpent lied to you as he lied eve and deceived you. he gives you pleasure in this life making you blind. he will torment you day and night. If you do not believe me, fallow jesus christ and repent and you will see how the serpent will bite you. But Jesus will protect you then because you will no longer belong to the serpent. repent now and come to Jesus and you shall see how evil the demons that you worship are! You will see their true face! Do not be deceived, there is life after death and you shall be tormented if you do not repent.

thing is there is a serpent in egyptian mythology and its name is Apophis. that serpent is evil and many of our gods and goddesses fight this serpent and save humanity from it. you're misunderstanding the religion because you know nothing about it. you're an ignorant fool if you think I am possessed. I am a being of light and so are you. we all have different beliefs of the divine but they are all connected. you're just pathetic in my eyes because you are so closed minded that you can't even begin to understand an ancient culture and how they flourished for thousands of years and still exist today. I can't stand you anymore I'm going to block you soon. you keep repeating the same bullshit over and over again and it doesn't even make sense. get a life.

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slap yourself in the face? does that work?

I tried that and it doesn't work. i just became a masochist at a point in my life. Now I am better because I found God in faith.

you will definitely get pleasure and enjoyment :) you will know the purpose of life ...just have some patience...God bless you

Then I shall have patience, wait and start making something for what I want to become.

yea...thats the spirit :) keep it up