Omg Shut Up

ok i know this sounds sorta bad but im tired of hearing about Gay rights and crap..nope i dont hate anyone for their sexuality but just get tired of hearing we deserve this and thatt and yes i agree they deserve equal rights but god enough is enough..its like the black community always saying everyody owes them something for what happened during slvery days when i know I wasnt around..i guess i get tired of ppl always bitchin about isnt fair and it never will just have to live it to make yourself happy and as long as who you are with is who makes you happy then i dont see the problem..i lived with my ex husband for yrs then got married and BAM all screwed up..i guess for some its a religious thing or just the fact of being able to do ssomething but seriously enough is enough.Be glad you have someone to love instead of complaining.yep this is my frustration..oh and sorry to anyon e of the african american race but no one owes anyone anything.if that were the case i want justification for my ancestors being wiped out by the english when they took over this country and killed off my indian relatives,but that had nothing to do with anyone but the past so leave it in the damn past..if you think about we re all slaves to society..
Iamtiredofit Iamtiredofit
1 Response Sep 13, 2012

I agree with you. No one owes us anything and you get what you work for. I didn't think that they're were anyone your age that had it together. David