Should I Confess To My Mom?

Should I confess and tell her everything? How I have cut for five years and had been bullied for six, how these six years in the united states has changed me how much I hate myself how I am a lesbian and don't like guys, or that i'm not that infent girl she thinks I am how I notice more that I lead on that my thoughts are no longer rainbows and sugar canes? How deep my thoughts really go that i'm not that who she wants me too be im not that girl who likes dressing like she is about to go out how I only enjoy wearing shorts too sleep and not to wear neither do I enjoy high heels or mini skirts how I only like wearing dresses when mi am in the mood for it. How I am not the girl she thinks I am that I like girls not boys so im not gonna have a husband like she wants me too how im not that girl who likes wearing those fake nails or.loves to do her hair or use makeup how that is just not me? But get I can't seem to be able to do it to tell her this things she seems so weak like she is about to break down her nervous system she seems more tired every day than she was before should I tell her this things . I fear it wil break her how she tells everyone im such a good girl when in really im not . I want to tell her but I cant so should I keep wearing ese fake nails for her putting makeup on my face doing my hair and wear a skirt . But now when she seems even worst with the news we have to move out because the owner wasnt paying the letter for it anymore or should I wait until im 18 but what if its already too late? I just don't know any longer
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Nooooooooooo! Do not become a lesbian! I was attacked by the demon of homosexuality and with tears I prayed to Jesus to save me and He saved me! He helped me focus on a girl and see her qualities and my temptation towards boys was gone. I had to face this demon a lot of times but each and every time Jesus helped me! Do not be deceived by the foolish ones whom push you towards lesbianism. You are agitated, you do not know what to do, what to think and you may do the mistake of your life! Do not do this abomination! Come to Jesus right Here and right now and ask Him with tears and honesty to save you! Ask Him for help each time the urge comes! Ask Him to help you like boys! And focus on a boy and search for his qualities. Focus on him and on Jesus. Pray as much as it takes! Do not become an abomination!

I know a lot of people in this situation

Yeah its not easy

Thanks for reading

No problem, i hope you eventually tell her and everything goes well