She Can't Get Enough

Here is her latest email, she can't get enough **** or *****. I'm not complaining. I'm glad she doesn't like to sleep alone.


From: Ashley Howard
Sent: Wed, February 23, 2011 2:02:39 PM
Subject: Hope You Weren't Lonely

Hi Baby

Hope you weren't too lonely last night. I wasn't and Rob definitely was not lonely. Last night I made dinner for him and he brought his laptop and did his class work and research. After dinner, while he was working, I changed into a sexy little nightie, you know the one, the powder blue baby doll. When I saw he was tensing his back or moving in his chair like his back or neck was tired, I would give him a massage. Luckily he did not have much to work on, because I made it very hard for him to concentrate. It was so cute, he was trying to type a paper, when I came up behind him and his head was resting against my breasts and soon he forgot the paper and was sucking on my nipples. He knows how to play with me and I almost came by him sucking and biting my nipples and my breast. We made love and then he told me he had only a few more lines to write and then he will keep me very happy the rest of the night.

I had to add spermicide twice before we went to bed, I mean to sleep. I love kissing him as we go to sleep. His hand likes to wander to my sticky lips and I like to hold his sticky penis. This morning he got up first and woke me by getting on top and gently putting his morning hard on deep inside. By the time I was really awake, he had shot a hot load. At first I was a little concerned, since I did not add more cream, but what could I do he had already emptied his morning load. I still had spermicide from last night so I should be OK.

He is staying with me until Friday morning and he one class, early on Friday. After class he will be driving me to the airport. I told him that I will be working all weekend, he has my cell number, so remember you can not answer my cell. He has some research projects to work on, so he will be busy.

I hope you don't play with yourself too much before I come, because I want your ***** in me this weekend. I am going to exhaust your balls.

Have to finish some work, and then I will be picking Rob up at the gym.

Love you

Longdistancecouple Longdistancecouple
26-30, M
Feb 23, 2011