I am at an important juncture here and need to be careful that I don't mess it up...

So I told my wife my fantasy of her ******* another guy last Fall. We are from the other side of the country and she was going back to visit family. The guy was this guy that was her friend, but I knew he had a thing for her. So I started using him in our conversational fantasies and when we would ****, etc. Well she goes back and while there me and her would text all the time and she said she was going to do it, she was going to **** the guy.

Well when she got back here she said they kissed but that's it. That never sounded legit and from time to time I'd ask her if they ****** and that it was cool if they did, but she said they didn't. The fantasy pretty much died, she didn't start those conversations anymore or even engage in them with me when I'd try and start. Pretty uneventful year to say the least. You can read my other stories for the full story on all that. A few weeks ago I was on her computer and her messenger was on and the guy wrote her saying that he messed up and I was curious and was like "how so?" Well he thought I was her and basically through that I found out they did ****.

I brought this up with her and she admitted it, but I acted cool and she didn't flip. She said he was amazing at eating ***** and okay at *******, but afterwards she felt like she did something wrong. The dude also basically fell in love with her and that sorta soured her on the whole thing. That is why she didn't admit or even offer it up that it happened.

The past couple of days we have been more open about everything...her feeling like she did something wrong, she did like it at the same time, should she keep moving in this direction, should she just kill the fantasy forever. Obviously, I'm for it...I told her that I think society just has people programmed to think and act a certain way, societal norms type stuff. That if she liked it and I liked it, then why feel weird? I mean the only two people in this relationship that count (her and me) liked it? We fell asleep last night with her saying "I don't know, I guess I just want to read and learn about it all some more before deciding because I feel both ways about it and don't know."

Should be said that as far as she knows this was some fantasy of mine that sounded hot and has been expanding over the months for us. She doesn't surf the web looking for this stuff and sufficient to say would have no clue what a hotwife or cuckolding is. You can tell that she is like 50/50 and could tip either way.

Therefore, I'm trying to figure out real stuff to recommend to her to help her see that this shouldn't be feared or guilted, in fact it can be awesome for her. She did it once and can see that I was sincere in my fantasy because I didn't get mad or anything. I don't know if I should employ stories, articles, movies, pics, etc. I do know that a venture into hard **** movies or ************ stories aren't going to sell her. I think she is looking to be informed/convinced/reassured that this is a good thing and can be a good thing for her. So please any advice would be greatly appreciated so I don't mess up this amazing opportunity. Thanks.
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You might look at Adult Friend Finder together some evening when each of you is in the mood. There's videos and pictures, and the postings are by region, gender, or whatever way you like to screen them. It is no problem finding a guy to join a couple.

you might want to try listening to some podcasts together, on itunes there are a few couples that have their own podcasts and cover different topics and their latest adventures, there are a couple others where 1 to 4 people talk about various fetishes, curiosities, and lifestyles, the ones i like are angled more towards swinging but do cover hotwife, cuckolding on occassion, i recommend AVERAGE SWINGERS, SWAP FU, BORIS AND DORIS, AND LIFE ON THE SWINGSET, there are others i am forgetting but when you look those up at the bottom of the page it will show other podcasts that are similar, open them up and look at the descriptions of their past shows, if you don't want to subscribe or aren't interested in listening to all of them you can download just the ones that tickle your fancy

i hope this heps you in your journey