Im Not Really Sure Why..................?

First off let me say im sorry if i sound like a hipacrit. But i was raised in a messed up way my uncles would teach me how to harm others or mainly little young girls and if i did not do as thay told me to thin thay would do it to me instead i mean if i was told to take a young girl out to the shedd and take all of her close off except her pantys and after i would do this to the girl thay would have me start kissing her and feeling her privite and i would make or show this little girl how to touch me down there so i will start feeling good to after awhile when i begain to feel myself grow down there then thats whin thay would tell me to pull down her pantys and if she did not want to thin my uncles would tell to force her or else so i would force the young girl to do what ever i wanted and when thay had me do intercource i had to leave my seed inside the little girl eather between her legs or in her mouth sometimes thay would have me shoot it all over her young face.i thought it was gross at first butt after i started to growup some i begain to really enjoy doing these things to all the little young girls and im sorry for saying this but i would still rather have a little young girl to have sex with than a grown women. Im not really sure why but i do.
horusty65 horusty65
46-50, M
Sep 7, 2012