Unable To Help Her

I have to tell you my dad is very powerful. I never have been able to stand up to him needless to say stop him from taking what ever he wants from me. I'm 20 and first year college. My wife is 19 and was going to college till my dad began taking controll of her like he did my mom and me and other people as well. This past september my dad literally forced my wife into bed. I was there scared of him like I have been since I was a child. I watched as she screamed at me to help her and my dad laughing at me saying that wimpy boy can't help you. I'll show you what a man can do and what your here for girl. I shook for the two hours he had her in our bed room. I heard all the sounds of a brutal sexual pounding that he gave my sweet wife. I can still hear him demanding her to say she is his filthy ****. He finished this taking by bringing her out naked and having her suck him one last time in front of me. He left and my wife litterally collasped from the encounter. I helped her to bed till the next morning. she didn't say anything to me just gave me that look of why? I left for classes a little befor noon. She was going to stay home not in any shape for classes. I got a call from her phone it was my dad. I knew as soon as I heard his voice he was going to put me down and was going to if he wasn't already degrading my wife again. He did just that and had me listen to her beg not too again as he enter her. then he laughed and hung up. He did this everyday for three weeks. He now has her dress to go out so he can show everyone how she is under his control and how weak i am. I don't get to have sex with her only my dad and anyone he says can. I'm in limbo and she is in hell. No end in sight.
dadswimpyboy dadswimpyboy
18-21, M
Jan 6, 2013