How Can I Be Happy Again???

I am a married women 42 and i had an affair with a divorced man. As time went on he asked me to get a divorce and he wanted us to be together, i have 2 boys and i wouldnt leave my husband. he said this wasnt enough for him. i told him to go and get married and then we would be together on the same terms (both married).. now he is with someone else and has had a child as well and came back to be with me and her like i had said. i cant stand him with someone else. its becoming an obssession! His wife has found some of our texts recently and he feels really bad. He said his feeling bad about hurting everyone who loves him (me and her).. all this is making me ill!! how do i stop this insanity?? i cant trust him! i want to be with him! i regret not leaving when he had asked me too! should i fight for him? should i let him work things out with his wife? how can i forget??
charandrea charandrea
1 Response Jan 10, 2013

what can i say. you should let him go and stay with the one who has always been there for you.