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I Am Usually Quite Peaceful, But....

I am usually quite a peaceful person. I don't much like confrontation.I will almost always walk away. Except when it involves my kids!

We were at a small local amusement park one hot summer day, me and my son and daughter who were 10 and 8 at the time. We had just finished cooling off in the lazy river , drifting on inner tubes and feeling peaceful.  The kids decided to ride more rides and got in line for the paratroopers.I decided to sit this one out and found a bench directly in front of the ride. It was a long wait, but finally my kids were the next to get on. They had each just picked out their plane and got in when the biker dude appeared.

He was tall and dressed in leathers, biker symbol on the back of his jacket, black biker boots, chain drive wallet.He came down the midway and swaggered up to the ride.The ride was full and the tall skinny teen-aged attendant was putting up the chain to block off the entrance. The dude pointed to my son and began telling the attendant that this kid cut right in front of him. The attendant told him that he would be first on for the next ride. This wasn't good enough for the dude. He began yelling loudly at the teen, pointing his finger in the poor kid's face,and demanding that he get on this time. The kid was clearly intimidated. He walked over to my son and said something to him.My son ,with a stunned look on his face, got off the ride and the dude took his place.

My son came to the bench and sat down. He had tears in his eyes as he told me the worker had told him he had to get off. My blood was boiling! I looked up at the ride attendant and he gave me a look that said, I'm sorry...I didn't know what else to do. I told my boy that I would take care of it. He said," No mommy, please don't say anything.That man is mean."

When the ride was over, I positioned myself just in front of the exit and waited for the dude, hand on hips, and mouth loaded and cocked.As he approached me , I said " I hope you are proud of yourself, lying and getting an 8 year old kid put off a ride so you don't have to wait your turn". It was just about now that I really noticed just how big the guy was. He started yelling me and saying he didn't know what  the hell I was talking about... with a few other phrases unsuitable for children's ears thrown in.It was becoming obvious that he was somewhat impaired from some substance or another. My son and daughter were both pulling on me ,trying to get me to shut up and leave. I continued, "You really are a big man, aren't you ?"

I took the kids' hands and turned to walk away. I was a bit concerned about the possible repercussions for what I had said to him. I was thinking perhaps we'd better leave the park NOW. I had taken a few steps away when I was approached by two security guards. They asked me if the dude was giving me trouble. I described what had happened. One guard told me that this was the fourth reported incident with the guy. They went to the dude, took hold of him and escorted him out of the park with the dude yelling and cursing the whole way.

My kids ( and I) were greatly relieved to see him gone. Both of my children kept saying that they couldn't believe I said that to such a big mean man. I was a bit amazed myself, but at the moment I did it, all I could think about was how angry I was for what he had done to my son.He was a bully, and I don't tolerate bullies.

The story has been told many times by my kids, with a certain amount of pride that their mom would stand up to the biker dude.



datura datura 56-60, F 85 Responses Jul 31, 2008

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Now see here Tasmin. I can't go searching through 86 comments looking for yours!! EP has given us these lovely improvements and we should take advantage of them by only writing new comments!

I really admire your gesture. You are not oniy brave, but wise too. There's a time to be patient and a time to stand up to abusers. Moving according to the demands of the circumstances is the quintessence of the I Ching, my bedside table. An automatic peace sign in all situations shows a poor understanding of the dynamics of psychic totality.

Thank you. I love your comment

Thank you :)

Dear -i ride bikes everyday and encounter AS# HoLE# like this every day. Most of us are working class people who do charity work and donate time and monies to those who have not . I am so sorry you had to deal with one of those types in front of your children . I have three boys of my own ,and they learned manners and respect -this one apparently did not ! Again ,I am sorry and hope you will not judge "bikers" by the actions of one jerk ...

Thanks for your comment. Yes, I've said in other comments that I have many biker friends who are involved in charity work and are great people. I just ran into a very bad apple!

He deserves some broken bones.

you madam are brave

Thanks Hermey and I'malonelyguy! The kids really were proud of me that I stood up for them.

cool it

Thanks, Penguinswon!

Well done you, and good that your kids choose to remember the proud moment when their mother fought back rather than nasty moment when the biker idiot (dude is far too nice a desc<x>ription!) upset them on the ride. Whilst it may not have been the most sensible approach it was an excellent distraction technique!

Thank you, Inspector. Thankfully it ended well!

I'm a relaxed, laid back guy but I actually admire your restraint as much as the courage. Pretty much I'll roll with things as they go, but mess with my kid, and the primal "KILL and not give a &%$@ about dying in the process" mode kicks in BIG time! Would have been tempting to catch him leaving at the end of the day and see how he liked the tables reversed...Bike vs SUV style.

good job at standing up to him, that take guts, your 1 of those moms whos got guts and I like that

Wow what a douche lol

I am sorry you had this experience. I hope the outcome is not that we are all labeled as trouble makers in your mind. We are not all mean and nasty. <br />
Hope you have a great day.

An acquaintance of mine had 'connections' to a biker gang and had mentioned an incident in which a group of bikers were in a reserved room in the back of a bar. One of them said he would take a baseball bat and hit (in the face) the next person who walked in the door, just for the fun of it. And he did just that, simply for amusement. <br />
With all due respect datura, I think you and your family are lucky that you are alive. These people have no qualms about killing people; life to them is about as valuable as an empty milk carton.

Hey, I am a biker too.<br />
<br />
And I do know the difference.... hehehehe<br />
<br />
Most of us are civil, gentle people.<br />
<br />
love and peace

Hi Lbronson. In my mind, you are a real biker and not a biker dude. I understand why you could take offense at the title of the group, though. I am aware that real bikers are good people. There is a terrific organization in my state for bikers that is aimed at public education, protection of the rights of motorcyclists, and charitable works. They do wonderful things for needy children in the state. I have real bikers as friends, neighbors, and family.<br />
<br />
Please accept my apology. No offense toward an entire group of people was intended.

I am a biker dudewith the bikes, leather and so on to prove it. I also see a lot of folks dressing the part who dont know a bmw from a bowel movement. I think a better group name would be I FACED DOWN A BULLY. Posts like this just reinforce the stereotype. Real bikers support charity runs, not terrorize children. have a nice day.

excellent story, I love it when the big tough guys get shut up

well, i am the baby and the smallest in the family. My RL sister weighs in at around 25 lbs more than me. Also, she is a theatre matron and is used to moving dead weights.<br />
<br />
hehehe<br />
<br />
I remember once when a young man got rude and abusive in the streets. Well, I lifted the bottom of my shirt to reach for my equaliser while she, on crutches said "No, don't shoot him. I want to give him the hiding of his life. He will never live it down - beaten up by a woman on crutches". <br />
<br />
needless to say, he took off in his car like a bat out of Hell.<br />
<br />

Hehehe--I can just picture it, Sir b.<br />
<br />
But seeing as I weighed almost a hundred pounds less than you and the dude was way over 6 feet tall and well over 210 lbs, I didn't think that decking him seemed too prudent!

Heeheheee big sister.<br />
<br />
I must say that you are wonderfully civil. My RL sister would have decked him with a fist to the face and the rest of us (four brothers) would have "discussed" it with him "not so gently" and taken him to the hospital. <br />
<br />
Oh, and I am the lightweight at circa 210lbs.<br />
<br />

Thanks for commenting, SchmedleyDoRight. The "instant alpha" made me chuckle. That's sort of how I felt, too!

Even though this is an older post, I had to comment on it. I absolutely relate to it. Even though I am male, I am on the thin side, and have traditionally been viewed as the 'Intellectual Type' (synonymous to the Bully-Type as "Victim"), but have been stunned by the veracity with which I will defend my children. Instant Alpha.


Cool. As a father, I congratulate you, although my civil part has to say you could have gotten your butt beat or seriously hurt.

Fair play to you. Sometimes certain people can just tip you over the edge.

Hi Robyn! I only grow datura for the pretty flowers and it's ability to ward off evil.<br />
I'd be too scared to smoke it, given it's ability to be fatally toxic!

;d ha ha i'm not surprised u had it in you!! and we wWILL do things for our kids won't we.....:)

a mother could kill for her young

Thanks, Bushwackr!<br />
Someone has to stand up to the bullies!

Godd for you