Right... I Mean Left!

I do know my left from right... but sometimes I get confused. Is it my left or yours? :-o

For the longest, in elementary school, when we did the "Pledge Of Allegiance" I was forever holding up my right hand and placing my left hand over my heart... or was it the other way around? I forget! Well, I was always the one kid doing it backwards! XD

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3 Responses Jun 18, 2009

LOL yes, I too have forgotten my age XD Going to the dentist has that effect on most people it seems.

Frequently!<br />
I'm dyslexic and it's a pain!

I never confuse left and right, but when I had braces and I had to go in to have the wire tightened, I got confused ONCE because having very uncomfortable things in your mouth and being tipped back in a chair with a lamp in your face tends to disorientate you :( She (orthodontist) actually thought I was stupid :( Gah!