Now What Is Right?

I've had this since childhood.

See I can't remember what is my left and right never mind relate that to other peoples and you all use that to tell me where everything is which doesn't help me at all. I have to 'map the layout of an area for myself or you need to escort me around an office block because I'd get lost for hours and this is so embarassing esp on a job interview when you can't leave the building after you've finished by yourself.

I just feel depressed over it

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3 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Do not use Left and right as guides! associate directions with objecrts and you will not have a problem. e.g. turn at the big oak tree. Go until you see the secretary's desk then turn away from it.<br />
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Never apply for a job calling for spelling or typing or writing skills like a secretary!<br />
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see my comments to fungirlmmm.

i confuse it all the time..

Could you possibly be dyslexic? That leads people to get things backwards. <br />
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I know my left from right - And I still get lost. I just have no sense of direction, and being a man, I will not ask for directions. Ask any stand up comedian. They will tell you. :P