Does He Love Me Or What We Do Together...

I've been dating my boyfriend for a little over two years. We are both two independent people who own our own homes and have our own lives outside the relationship. We talk about moving in together and taking the next step, but nothing really seems to happen. He is 13 years older than I am; his children are grown and I don't have any. I would like to have a small family [one child] one day and he says he understands this. He had always been interested in adventure activities, but never knew where to start or had anyone to do these with. I do lots of adventure stuff, so he has climbed on board and enjoys the hiking, camping, WW rafting, skiing and impromptu trips that we take. Though we spend a lot of time together planning and enjoying these activities, our relationship is in a rut; it seems that he loves the things we do together, but it sometimes feels like he doesn't particularly love me. We get along really well; and he tells me that he loves me occasionally. He has so many qualities that are essential for me - respecting my independence, lots of patience, kind, an easy-going personality; in many ways we compliment each other, yet when he does tell me he loves me, it doesn't always make me feel 'gooey' inside. We seem to spend more time planning the next weekend get-away more than we spend planning our future! I don't know what to do - end the romantic relationship?; enjoy it and let the future sort itself out? Am I being a control-freak or is this a situation where I should take control? I wish I could be less confused and more brave.
atowanda atowanda
Aug 10, 2010