The Boy Who Is My First Love

so when i'm in, junior high school, grade 8.
i met this boy, i dunno, but i'm just like love at first sight.
my friend encourage me to confess my love to him. so i did it, but i did it when i'm grade 9.
but this boy, said nothing, but like one month later, he became really close to me.
like we could holding hand in the class, and he likes to hug me and everything.
we really close like in 9month or so.

so this boy in that mean time, had one close friend, a girl friend.
he likes to tell story to her. but i never know what it is, they are really close, they always call each other, like everynight.

when that 9month over, i got a holiday, i graduating from junior high school.
but when in the holiday, i got a news, that they are dating.
i mean. he really close to me. but, it's true when i am with him, i never called each other.
but we are close like that. he always hug me when he met me
but don't you think he is too cruel?

2weeks later, they broke up.
i never talk to him since.
and now. he date with another girl. its already 1year.
i'm now grade 12.
we close like friends again. but less skinship. because he said, his girlfriend so easy to jealous.
he always saying things like, he miss me or something.

what does he really mean by saying thing like that. i'm just confused.

riines riines
18-21, F
Aug 8, 2010