Dear Sugarnspicey YAY!!!! Her First Baby!


BABY BEAN!!!! (PRICELESS GIFT!!) AWE !!! KiSeSsSs N HuGsSSsss!! EnDlEsSsSs! Tears of *JOY*

We hav been friends and through good and bad times.. We are there for each other... And being a Mother has been ur dream for a long ! long! time.. And one day U were telling me about it . And I told U to stop worrying..LOL b/c ur so uptight... when u stop asking it will be given.. All i know is when we ask, that's all that's on our mind, it never happens... too edgy :) .... It's when we put our demands aside it is given ..

I'm so excited for U and UR hubby and family! Happy *tears as U ! now I will be Auntie cAnDy :O)

Children are a *Blessing a gift ..U are blessed! Make sure U take care not to dance too much .. LOL ! Hugs and Lov!

UR friend and Sister in Christ.. cAnDyrAiNsLovOnUfOrEvEr!

Keep u and ur handsome lucky hubby in my prayers all goes well ! What a *Beautiful time in UR life's! little feet running , smiles , laughing hope dancing too!

..babies AWE hugs!! just cute lov bugs! get to pinch cute cheeks :)  

 New Baby Smiley

CrystalRainsPearls CrystalRainsPearls
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U are a *Blessing to all of us! Tears of endless *JOY* destiny unites beautiful souls! I'm so *HAPPY UR my dear Sister in Christ Lov U all always..cAnDyRaInSlOvOnUAlLfOrEvEr!!! Endless *JoY* can't wait to see the new pictures of the baby! be safe in my thoughts and prayers always all three of u!! (((HUG SWEETHEART LOV U))))<br />
and u never know we just might!!! HUGS!!!!Kisses! LOL

As I wipe the tears from my eyes and try to focus on the screen through the tears, lol, I LOVE this site and all who enter and that love me back....ALL we need is love.XoXoXo to all of you...thank you so much for the blessings.<br />
<br />
Candy, you are very special to me and wish like mother 2009, that we could meet in "real life". You have made me so much more positive about things mainly because you believed in me and never gave up on me, always making me feel wanted, needed and loved. Always there to give me that encouraging word or telling me to STOP WORRYING, lol, and it will be given. You are sweet and lovable and this site wouldn't be the same with out your presence.<br />
I say everybody needs a piece of Candy, lol...cute or what, hehe....Xo~sugar~Xo

She is lovely and blessed thank u all..she will lov ur comments hugs!

thats wonderful news.nice story candy.hugs

Eyeno thank U!they are Blessed!! :-)<br />
<br />
Mother yes we hav many! We are both so *Lucky*<br />
<br />
We would make Chinese food.. Mmm yummy! U can teach me how to cook! hugs...

Wow! Aww!!! *blush* I think U are!!! we are happy go lucky! LOL U are the coolest here too! I'm happy ur my good friend!<br />
many kewl friends!

Thank U Mother!!! How are U! Happy to see U!!! :-) hugs !!