OK... I've always wanted a bear skin rug and I just might very soon have one! ;-)

This 300 sum odd pound black bear is getting me mad. He is ripping apart my bird feeders...One feeder was nailed down by several long nails and he pulled it off the trunk of the tree and... the other.. he destroys by piecing it apart. One feeder he just turns up, like you would a glass and he drinks alllll the fed up in one bite. lol... I am Serious here!!

He let out a roar when he ran into the clothes line last night ... poor baby. *smile*

This is a situation that calls for me to be .... smarter than the average bear. *smile*

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My Mountain Lady is certainly living with bigger critters than I ever planned on. The panther on the porch finally seems to have moved off with some encouragement, but one end of the clothes line was tied onto the porch and I kept it low to make it easier with your injured shoulder. Never did I imagine the bear would run into it.
We wanted to move into the wild. This may be just a little more than what we planned on:))

Excuse me!? This may be just a little more than what we planned on. huh.... Nope! ... I realized the possibilities, encounters that could take place when living off the grid or deep in the woods. I researched , studied about the wildlife.

Sure it's all new, scary but so alive feeling. I think as a woman of my age, alone 90 percent of the time... I am doing awesome..ly *smile* I can walk my talk.
I am feeling right at home more every day! xo

Even though I did not plan on panthers on the porch and at least one bear in the yard; I could not be happier.
My Mountain Lady makes it so perfect :)))

Honey... I would rather worry over a wild animal than .. ex husband, a thief breaking in, a mad person hanging cats, a neighbor who bedded other's men, spiteful souls that just like to stir the sh!t.... Yup, no doubt about it.... I am where I am meant to be.
Remember... I am armed, ready and I can be dangerous myself! *smile* xoxoxo

It is better than I ever dreamed. The wild animals are a huge plus for me. My wild wonderful woman is also much better than I could have ever hoped for XOXOXOXO

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