7 Years

I have had an online friend for seven years now. His name is Gary. We have spoken through AIM and Myspace for years. He actually really was the first other Incubus fan I ever met. Well "met" as much as you can online. We keep in touch, talk every few months or so on the phone and check in on one another. I have never met him even though he only lives about forty miles away we have a unique connection that doesn't require face to face interaction. Just a general carring for one another that we touch base from time to time. It's never went offline, nor do I believe it ever really will. I was just glad to know someone else out there loved and supported Incubus as much as I did.

AmberXLight AmberXLight
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 3, 2010

The story sounds quite interesting and actually giving an impression that online relationship has a lot of positive impact as much as face to face respectively and i want to encourage both parties to keep it up.