Surviving & Fighting Breast Cancer.

I connorliam, would like to share my experience with you, I found a lump in my breast, about 6 years ago, and after seeing the doctor, she sent me to the hospital to have a biopsy, which after a short wait, concluded that it was a cancerous lump, I went in hospital to have my Lymph nodes removed, lucky enough, they were clear, which meant the cancer hadn't spread, but I would have to have, Chemo, Operation to remove my breast, and Radium, all in that order.  I was devestated, my first thought was that I was going to die!, my second thought was, what about my two boys.  After I had done all my crying, on my own and with my family, I decided there and then, that I was going to fight this, and that it wasn't going to add me onto its death list.  So I did my 6 months of Chemo, and as you know, it isn't pleasant, The doctors had said, that my cancer was very aggressiveon the scale of 3, and that if I had left it any longer, it would have spread through to my blood stream.  After my Chemo, I went into hospital to have my Masectomy, I had already talked at length, and arranged for my surgeon to remove my breast and reconstruct it, with part of my back muscle.  The operation took 5 hours, I had a 5 day stay in hospital, but the nurses were very impressed with the way I healed so quickly, I think this has a lot to do with my positive attitude.  That was in the September, in the January, I had 3 weeks of Radiation, which compared to the Chemo, was a doddle.  I had checkups every 6 months, which progressed to yearly, then every 2 years.  I have just been discharged at last in January of this year.   Fighting fit, and so happy to still be here, and see my boys grow up,  it is vital to go straight away to see the doctor if you find a lump, and through positive thinking and energy, if it is the case that you have Breast Cancer, and you have caught it early, you know you have every chance of beating this, I am one of the  many woman to survive, you can aswell!!  xxx 

connorliam connorliam
Mar 1, 2009