My Cats Are My Kids!

I love my nine house cats more than anything on this earth, I can't wait to get home when I get of work, they are the most beautiful creatures God made. I had eleven cats, but two of them died this year, one was 14 years old the other 8 years old, I miss them very much, I could never life without cats, I love all animals but I am a Catmother all my life, I grew up with cats.
Monaca Monaca
51-55, F
1 Response Jul 22, 2010

i've had my little darling for 8 years. i love cats as well and i am determined to get another one or two (or more!) when this one has passed on. i am fearing the day she leaves me as i know i'm going to be cut up into tiny little pieces and i will grieve her for a long time. she is like one of my daughters as far as i'm concerned. i have three children - my son, my daughter and my cat.