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My Dog Buddy

my father passed away 2 years ago.he had been sick a long time .also
he was 94 years old . 17 years befor he had gotten a puppy. a tiny little
thing that you could hold in the palm of your hand without any of him 
hanging over.he was named buddy boy. in the ensuing years  he grew
bigger and bigger untill he was 95 pounds of patient,long suffering ,
loving Big dog.i inherited him after my dad died. this was because no
one else in the family  wanted him.they didn't have a clue as to what
they were missing out on. by this time he was 18 years old which in
dog years is 119. a lot of people would have given up on a dog that old but
this dog is all heart. he just will not give up.we sleep in an up stairs bed room
and for the next 2 years buddy would climb the 15 steps to our bed room
and sleep on his bed at the bottom of ours every night.getting up to go
out usually once at night and again in the morning . he began to have
a problem with aurtheritus in his hind quarters .the vet gave him some 
meds for it and he seemed to get around better. i discouraged him from 
climbing those stairs.(he still would try to sneak up them) finally he got so
he would sleep on the carpet at the bottom of the stairs. this winter he
had trouble getting up the steps on the porch because of the snow and cold .
but he would not give up. he kept trying till he finally made it back into the house.
now he is doing better because the snow is gone and the days are getting warmer.
i really love  buddy boy. he is like the enigiser bunny . he just keeps going and going.

this is an adendem to this story.
Buddy boy made it thru this past winter but his aurtheritus kept getting worse and worse .
one day he collapsed and could not move at all . He was in a lot of pain and  we had to call the vet 
and they came and gave him a shot that put  him to sleep .it was  one of the hardest things
i have ever had to do. i loved buddy so much and i miss him terribly.
aniowagirl aniowagirl 66-70, F 8 Responses Feb 23, 2011

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Your story was beautifully written. It made me cry but that's O.k.

Leanne, I have a little tear brewing in my left eye! I have been there ( vet with 2 dogs ) getting that shot very hard thing to do! Well he is with your DAD now I am sure of it! GOD BLESS YOU!

yeah when i was writing this yesterday that grief thing over took me and i had more than just a tear in the corner of mmy eye,
I sat here and cried like a baby, didn't know
it was going to call up those memories and those kinds of emotional responces. i guess it is good to get those kinds of pent up feelings out of your system. all that estrigen i am taking makes those girlie feelings pop out more often too.

I get that way also and I am not on any estrogen at all!

my father had a dog long years ago. his name was tough enuf. we called hi tuffy or tough.he was a small black dog . noparticular breed just dog. but he was smart .<br />
my dad walked him twice a day and tough new every fot of all the streets and neighborhoods all around. he was loyal and protective of my dad and watched every thing and every one as they walked . on night they had returned home and a storm was coming up .the wind began to blow and thunder and lightening rumbled and flashed a ways of.. my dad was standing in the door way watching as the storm drew nearer.<br />
Suddenly there was a close very bright flash of lightening and the roar of the thunder . my father startled by the closeness and intensity of it yelled and jumped back a few steps. not tuffy. he groweled and hurtled thru the door way .he wasn't going to let anything out there hurt his master.He was going to do all he could to protect him.<br />
<br />
several years later tuffy was also on his last legs .It was my privelege to hold him <br />
in my lap and the vet gave him that sleepy shot and he licked my had for a few moments and then was gone.

I'm so sorry you had to do that. I understand how incredibly hard it is, because I've had to do it myself. I'm a CatWoman and I had to put down one this past summer. She was a gorgeous tortoishell (sp.?) that got deathly sick. I was so hoping that she'd just die naturally, but it didn't happen. I know that I hung onto her for too long, causing her more suffering. She lost her fur, got a bloated belly, stopped eating (and then wouldn't quit eating-the vet told me this was because she wasn't getting the nutrients), it was very bad. I held on until she stopped using the litter box-that's a sign that a cat is very sick.<br />
You shouldn't feel very bad about having to put Buddy down-you were doing it to alleviate his suffering, but I know that you feel bad about it, even though you know it was the right thing to do (like I feel).

thank you for your so understanding post. yes it was hard to do. i held him in my arms untill it was over.

buddy had a little friend . a shnouzer named parker.they were<br />
such great friends.after buddy went away parker searched and looked all over the house for buddy for days and days.<br />
finally he quit looking.i guess he figured he was gone and not coming back. parker is a great little dog.he love to play,run,fetch all the things a young dog does. he likes to ride in the car and go for walks around the neighbour hood. he had a pen behind the house.he sits on the back porch and barks at all the cats and dogs and squirrls, and birds and people too that go bye.

well it is done.the vet and her assistant came and gave buddy a shot and after a few minutes another shot and buddy went to sleep and slipped peacefully away to doggy heaven.<br />
i am so grateful to the vet for coming by the house and taking buddy back to her office to dispose of the remains.(body)

un fortunatly buddy is such an old dog , he has been having trouble with his hind legs giving out on him. today the vet is coming by and we are going to put him down. he is suffering a lot and it breaks my heart to have to do it .

love this story.