And That's Why Is So Hard To Replace Them

I've always loved dogs. Two years ago I had 2 gorgeous Golden Retriever (Bono and Nico)...father and son and they were great...loved them so much, they were with me for like seven or eight years. They were with me through difficult times like my grandfather death and all my time during university. What happened is that one semester i was studying for finals and didn't get home very often, but my pets had my parents that took care of them, my mom and dad went to visit me and during a thunderstom the older dog tried to climb the wall between my parent's house and my grandma's house and he fell horribly and injured awful vet said it was nothing but two weeks later we had to put him down. I was very sad...and was even worse when almost an exact year later Nico just drop dead one morning...I was devastated...haven't been able to get a new pet ever since. I just really loved them and it feels like a replacement and i just can't raplace them.
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i had a dog that was perfectly ok as well but one night died from a blood clot that burst in her brain. i thought i couldn't get another dog, but when the house was quiet without her there, i couldn't stand it. i broke down and got another dog, it's been 5 years now and i'm glad i got another. i know i could never replace my old dog but i got just as attached to my dog i have now. i didn't try to replace her, but life moved on for me and needed the comfort of a dog around. why can't they just live forever:)

Having had 13 dogs at once over the past few years-We did not want any more because it just broke your heart when they had to be put to sleep. We live in the country and about 2 years ago as I was parking this dog (about 9 months old) came running up and got in the car. I thought his owner was in a parked truck about 1/4 mile away so I petted him and waited for his owner-long story short- we still have him and we adopted a brother who somebody had shot and lost a rear leg-Taz really needed a brother.What I am trying to say is no we can never replace a friend we have lost but treasure their memories and maybe when you are up to it, find another friend at a rescue agency not as a replacement but as a new friend whose company you will love and cherish. We see things in Taz that remind us of our departed dogs and treasure the memory and the joy they brought to our lives even as we were supposedly helping them-I think they gave more than we could even try to repay.

I agree with the title of your post!! When I say i love dogs people don't understand why I do not have one but it has been hard for me to replace my dear pet since she passed. I was only 19.