Been Around A Long Time

When I was six years of age my aunt's cat Emily had four kittens, Three boys an done girl. My aunt had already promised My brother and i that we could have one each. My brother Matt picked Sunny, sunny had manny different colours, all browns, blacks and white. I, being a little girl myself thought I'd go for the only girl kitten; I named her Jessie.
After afew weeks of having the kittens Matt found out that his tough boy kitten was actally a girl. Sunny kept her name.
Months later Matt and I went to my anut Janes. We were going to meet my mum there, but she was late, so Matt and I started going back home, on our way we saw mum and she asked if I'd like to came to her to Janes again or go home with Matt; I went with mum and soon after going back to Janes Matt called mum worried and we both rushed back home. When we got home Jessie was on the floor.. and next to her was a tiny kitten, jessie had become a mother, only to one kitten, but still a mother. A week later Sunny and I were watching TV together, everyone else was asleep. Suddenly Sunny started moaning and I saw that something was coming out of her, so I jumped up from the sofa and rushes to the bottom of the stair and called out that sunny was giving birth. Sunny had five kittens, one girl and four boys. Mum said Matt and I could keep one each for us. Matt pick a little black and white and called him Socks. At first I tought I wanted a girl and picked Jessie only kitten and named her Goergina, then I changed my mind a picked Sunny's only girl and named her Amy, but then I realized i didn't want a girl, I wanted the small little ginger and white male kitten, I called him Bubbles and he staed mine for four year before running away. Socks also ran away, but much sooner then Bubbles. After Matt moved out to live with his girlfriend, I was offered to have a new cat, Teddy. He was already a year old by the time he was mine and he was a huge cat. Sunny didn't get on with Teddy and she sent a lot outside. Teddy had become a bully towards Jess and sunny, My mum keep saying that if it went on we'd have to give Teddy a new home. One day Teddy bit me and after that my mum was sure he had to go.
My friend Becki and I went to her house and found that her mum had gotten four kittens. The little girl they'd gotten them from was still there and she told me that there was one kitten left. I ran back home and asked my mum if I could have the kitten, she said yes, but before I did Teddy had to go.. And so Becki and I took Teddy to the person who had said they would want him. After Teddy had gotten to his new home, I went to the kitten that would be soon mine. They said the kitten was a girl and the little girl who had owned her asked me to call her Lou Lou, I said I wanted to call her Zoe and that she is mine so it was fair taht I picked the name, she was so upset so I said I'd called her Zoe Lou Lou and we ended up both happy.
Though It wasn't long before i find out Zoe wasn't female and Zoe Lou Lou became Louie ^-^
To this day Louie is a huge two year old, who loves sleeping even more then he love his food. Him and Jessie get on very well and most people can't even tell the different between them, both black cats with a little bit of white under their chins. Of course I can tell between them easy, Jessie has always been small, she never really grow, she very tiny and she loves being stroked and lying in the sun, her face is very different from Louie's, his is very round and he has a huge belly :P around 7 mouths ago sunny ran away.

Jessie, Thank you for been around a long time <33
SheronaM SheronaM
18-21, F
Jul 19, 2011