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My four legged family members have been much closer to me than some of the two legged types. I have always considered my animals so precious to me. I heard a minister "friend" once tell me that animals have no soul and therefore won't be in heaven. Really? I wanted to ask him how he had reached such a conclusion. At any rate, all the pets I have loved, I hope to see and be reunited with. Of course, that could be just a pipe dream since none of us truly knows. Pets make life wonderful and I have loved, loved, and will love them one and all, always.
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I have a friend who went to see someone once to have their fortune told.
His wife had passed away and he was told that his wife was there and asked did she have two boxer dogs? She did and they had both passed shortly after her.
Dogs must go to heaven I can't believe they don't. God said the Lion and the Lamb will lie together if they there then how come no dogs and cats?

I have been told the same thing by my minister, and I must say I disagree with him. I have seen the intelligence in the eyes and behaviors of my animals, and it is my belief that anything with a heart that pure and that has the intelligence to learn, and the capacity to love and be loyal like these family members, will have a place in paradise. I believe that they do in fact go to heaven when they pass on. Than you for posting this wonderful story. This is something I have thought many times about speaking out about. .... (((HUGS))) =)

If heaven is supposed to be paradise and you are supposed to be happy there how can you feel happy in paradise if your family members are not there. Pets are your family members therefore your pets must also go to heaven. (I don't really know if god is real or not, just working on the premise that he is). Also I think that it is a possibility that the people who go to hell, well they have family to, even if it is not a spouse or kids, someone gave birth to them, and someone probably loves them, so maybe it's like that person gets split and the good part of their soul gets to go to heaven and their bad part goes to hell. I mean how could a mother in heaven be happy and have eternal peace if her son was in hell and she would never see him again? Either that or you get a memory wipe at the pearly gates erasing all memory of any pet or any person you ever loved that didn't get into heaven. But that would be like so George Orwell. Scarey.

I had a similar experience after my cat died at the age of 14 years. He had been dead about a month when I felt him walk across the foot of my bed, up the mattress to my head and flop over on his side and put his head on my shoulder and begin purring. I actually thought, "Huh, I'm dreaming about Toulouse" but then he poked me in the side with his hind paw and his little daggers dug into me. I came awake with a start and realized that the bed beside me was very warm. Right where he had been lying. Dream? No? I don't know. I just know I felt him there and he left a warmth in my bed.


I hope I didn't insult you by any means. I had a preacher and I really loved him because he was a great preacher. But, he said something of the sort that there was no place in heaven for dogs or cats. I don't know why he said that? But, there has got to be a place for a pet who has been a good friend and a loyal one at that.

No insult taken. I know what you mean. :)

I can only reason that he would of said it because the belief is that Unless you born again you don't get to heaven so being born again means asking Jesus into your life. Animals don't talk so can't do that. But it doesn't mean they don't go to heaven, I believe they do.

I was in ministry and when it came to knowing anything "special" or "other-worldly", I confess I had not the slightest clue. That seemed to annoy my peers, and I ended up leaving the whole thing. I thought it was enough to care for and help others. Wrong. In the system I was in, certainty was prized above all. I wasn't being true to me or what I thought it would be like when I entered it, so it was Adios. Your experience with your cat shows me more than a thousand sermons or holy books ever could. What a precious experience you had!

Me too

Most preachers don't know what they're talking about. I know animals have either a spirit or a soul. I had a cat that I was really attached to. She was so sweet. When she died by a neighbor poisoning her, I was heart broken. I couln't prove they did it, but I heard they did things like that to cats. <br /> I lay there in my grief, I fell asleep. Next thing I knew I was awaken by a little head rubbing my face and a little motor running. I knew it was her. So, I opened my eyes and there was nothing there. But, I did feel that warm little head and I heard her little motor running.