My Princess....

Brandy is my only daughter. Heres our story....
On sept 25th 2005 at 3am i miscarried my first and only baby at 5w6d along. I was only 19. I was devistated, I've wanted to be a mom since I was old enough to know what babies were. At the time there were 5 other ppl living with me, mom, dad and my bf. when they moved out they left their 2 dogs (brandy's parents). We already knew Icey was pregnant. Anyway...Icey went into labor on Oct 5th 2005 10days after my miscarrage. Icey had already had 10pups (1was stillborn) and was exhasted she was having a hard time getting the last one out. so me being the animal lover helped gentally pull as Icey pushed. this cute little runt was the only one with a white spot on the back of her neck so i could tell her apart from her siblings. as they grew we all feel in love with a different puppy. I wanted the runt and my bf wanted her brother. everyday my love grew more and more. when it was time to get rid of them i balled for hours i just couldnt get rid of her (my parents didnt want anymore we already had 9 not including brandys parents and the 10pups =22dogs one house). My parents surprised me by letting me keep her. i now had a "new baby" that took all my time and energy.
now she is a happy heathy 6year old, she is spoiled rotten. she had 4baskets full of toys. Every birthday and chirstmas she gets more presents then i do. but thats ok cause i love her more than anything. everytime i look at her i just beam becuase she is the most importaint "person" to me. I am her mommy and she is my baby girl. a VERY spoiled rotten princess.
(theres a pic of her in my photos)
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Oct 11, 2011