Well I really don't have much more to say about my spoiled kids.Except that  Garfield just came to the front window looked at me and stuck his tongue out and bouched away after  a lizard hehe. I looked  out and here is this tail hanging out of his face ,he will put it down and chase it until he finds some thing else to do or play with.Chateau on the other hand is so much different then he is , she will sleep all day or until  3 pm  then she will come out and look around to see what she can get into.She will  stay to her self for the most part  until she wants some thing from Mom. She is a  female fully she just acts like a million dollar cat when  in all she is this spoiled little cat that I do care about  not as much as my son but what to do. Her & Mom can play and Garfield  & I can go out side and take over the yard hehe well that is all  for now. bye.
Garfield123456789 Garfield123456789
46-50, M
Oct 21, 2011