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Im blessed having my 2 cats and my doggie for this christmas. Since many years ago they are my company and im so happy about.
marirosi marirosi 41-45, F 5 Responses Dec 24, 2011

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They are blessing to all of us that have them in our lifes.

My dentist's receptionist has two Yorkies and she's very single so for her it's what she comes home to in the afternoons

I have one yorkie dog, who has a problem with his bum, daft as a brush, determined to eat every crisp in my bag and who is always ready to play...

Thanks for answer, I have Tita (fem cat) 15 years, Laila (fem cat, I dont know her age), both of them are fro shelters. And Cali (doggie 5 year).

I am glad for you. How long have you had them? What are their names?

I have Tita since she was maybe 1 month and she is 15 years now, I guess Laila was a teen when i got her from the shelter and she is with me since 2005 and the little Cali, I have her since her 4 month and she born in nov/2006. Im spanish speaker so their names are "words/names" used here. Thanks for write¡