Brittany Is "sun Downing"

My nearly 16 year old beagle has begun over the last several months to "sundown". This is very common in elderly humans. It means that once the sun goes down they get "crazy". My Brittany paces, she pants, she looks at me and barks, sheis unable to get comfortable. She has medication to help her but some nights are very long. She has also begun to lose her hearing. I love this dog, she is sweet and beautiful. She is the most beautiful beagle I have had. My first beagle buddy was handsome, he was regal, he was all boy. My second beagle , my beloved Betsy was a lady, she was cute and smart. Brittany is beautiful, when she was young she was a red head, she is a blue tic beagle, she has always been long and lean. She knows no tricks, she just never cared to learn. She NEVER had an accident in the house, she was the easiest to house break. She is afraid of men and loud noises so the loss of her hearing is a blessing. Since we were forced to sell our home and I had to relocate to an apartment, my entire life has been keeping my beagles happy in a small space. In addition to Brittany I have another tri-colored 14 year old beagle rescue named Baylee Rose? These two girls love each other, in their youth they played chase in our back yard. Diving through a series of dog doors averting disaster at every turn. I look at the panic in her eyes some nights and there is nothing I can do but be here for her. I made a commitment when I got each of my beagle girls to provide them with a wonderful life. I know Brittany is happy because Baylee and I are here with her. I love her!
Amala82962 Amala82962
46-50, F
May 19, 2012