Brittany Sick Again

My beloved Brittany has been acting strange since I picked her up from camp today. She had badly shaking legs while trying to poop before getting in the car. She ate her supper and rested most of the night while my friends were here visiting. Then she became restless and dragging h butt on the floor, hanging her head but not putting it down to rest. She would not take her meds with peanut butter as she has since she was a pup. I ahead to force the med down her thoat, I HATE to do that. She left the bedroom and went into the living room. I picked her up and put her on my bed to be near me. The reality is that Brittany was diagnosed with kidney failure monthes ago, I have managed with medication to keep her comfortable. I know my girls and I know she is not comfortable, should not take her med off the spoon with peanut butter.

I love this sweet soul, I remember the first minute I saw her. A beautiful red head beagle with the longest legs and the most wo dull disposition. I know in my rational mind that sheis 16 years old and has terrible arthritis in her hips. I know my baby and I know she is just not right to iChat. I pray that it is just ONE bad night and to or row she will wake up acting like the baby I love so much!!
,the medication I was able to force down he throat appears to have settled her down. Dplease please leather be ok, I need both my babies with me.
Amala82962 Amala82962
46-50, F
May 25, 2012