The other day my husband and I went to the local Walmart to buy a fan. We took with us one of our children(who happens to be a snake). People where who and ahhing. They enjoyed the sight some even came up to pet it including employees. My husband said he likes to do this so people can see that snakes are something more then things that appear to frighten you in the movies. I enjoyed it because it was great to see all the smiles and kids interested in learning.
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I suppose it depends on the type of snake you have. There was a woman in Boston last year who lost her snake on the subway. MBTA employees found the snake about 2 weeks later, a little thin and hiding in one of the cars.<br />
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Frankly, not cool. That's a great way to freak someone out.<br />
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I presume that you're not bringing a constrictor snake to WalMart...

You can get in trouble for this.

You have to be careful though (as with any animal) there are people with severe real phobias and I am sure you wouldn't want to make a trip to the store a life shattering trauma for anyone.<br />
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I used to have snakes too.