Mr. Bubbles

Okay Mr. Bubbles was not your average pet. He came to us quite unexpectedly, he was given to us by a friend, His great niece was evacuating for Hurricane Gustav(2007?) and could not keep her tiny pet turtle that was kept in a crab cage. The ones you get when you go to the beach and purchase a hermit crab. He was about the size of a silver dollar.

Well we weren't quite sure what to do with Mr. Bubbles, so we put him a tiny tupperware container. My other half got the great idea of feeding him worms, so the kids would go and dig them up in the yard. It was a family event to sit at the table, put him a paper plate and watch him go to town on that worm. We would even hide some in the tiny patch of mud he had for future meals. Our neighbor was not so sure about feeding the turtle when we went to Disney World, but when we returned she did admit it was fascinating to watch him eat. 

Well one day he went missing. Apparently our cat got a hold of him, we finally found him, all parched and thirsty but not harmed. This was considered one of his nine lives. 

Another time, the cat was successful in getting him out to play with and we had a difficult time finding him. He was in the hole the door makes with the hinges. We accidentally closed it on him and crushed him under his left fin. We thought he was dead so we buried him. My daughter was devastated and crying. My son for some reason went an dug him up, which made things worse. But apparently Mr. Bubbles had not succumbed to his injuries and lived. 

When we moved into our new house, we decided Mr. Bubbles need a proper tank to live in. So we bought a 10 gallon fish tank and filled it with water and a floating dock. Over time we purchased a lamp and he started to grow. We tried feeding him crickets and found he actually loved minnows. He was so fun to watch chase the minnows around that little tank. Again, a family affair just to watch the turtle. 

He started to grow and was getting to big for his turtle dock.We tried to convince my daughter to let him go in the river, but no she wanted to keep him. I found a much larger and longer tank this summer at a yard sale and thought he would enjoy the space. After a month or so, his new home was ready in my daughter's room. He seemed to content but not quite as active. 

I was needing to buy him some new filters and decided to buy him some friends as we called them, minnows. Of course my son quipped, you mean food? Well friends too, he seemed to always let a couple live, as if he needed company. Well this time he was not as eager to "enjoy" his friends. More stationary and just not moving around like he used too. 

Well this morning, my daughter woke up to a very still Mr. Bubbles. She was hysterical, because she had been noticing his decline. Apparently Mr. Bubbles only had three lives and today was his final day on earth. 

RIP Mr. Bubbles you will be missed, as my youngest daughter's first pet. You gave us all a chance to smile and just stand and watch you be just a turtle. To have all six of us entrance by your antics, will forever live in our hearts and minds. 

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Aug 9, 2012