I Lost Her

I have a pet dog, her name is Jenny. She's a mixed breed.
She's just an ordinary dog, with extraordinary personality. This might sound a little weird but, Jenny is smart, adorable, loyal, warmhearted, and IRREPLACEABLE by any dog in existence. I love her so much. Every now and then when I cried, Jenny was there, sitting beside my feet the whole time. She looked at me for a few seconds and pushed her head to my hands and I'll hug her. And while I cried she'll be there sitting next to me.
But on a saturday, I went out at 8 o'clock cause i got a meeting with my friends, as usual Jenny walked me to the car before I go. After saying goodbye to my parents and Jenny and 2 of my other dogs I went in the car.
I went home very late, at 10 pm cause i did a little shopping with my friends. When I get home, my mom and dad starts nagging cause i was home to late. After that they told me that Jenny was gone. They said they've looked everywhere around my neighborhood.
The next day the posted fliers, and offer rewards for anyone who can find Jenny. I cried for days. I pray that my Jenny will be okay. Both of my parents and I loved her so much...
But until this very day, Jenny was never found.. I miss her so much, my cousin gave me a chihuahua, but it wasn't the same. My Jenny is irreplaceable and I will love no dog, as much as I love my Jenny.

Jenny, where ever you are, I hope you are as happy as can be. We love you :')
missperiwinkle missperiwinkle
18-21, F
Sep 17, 2012