Animal House

From the day I was born till this very day, I have had pets, four-legged loved ones that I considered family!

Right after my divorce 27 months ago ;-) I didn't come home from work to a empty house. My fur-children would be waiting for me. Each one said hello and loved me the minute I entered thru the door.

When times were real hard to make ends meet, my fur-children did not go without... but I would. I am their mommy and mommy loves them dearly!
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

A pet is always there for you. They can't 'Talk to you" but can show Love. Just feed them, Keep them safe, and a *Pat on the head* is 100% effective!

Yes! I do with lots of TLC. Thanks.

All about unconditional love flowing in both directions.
Sad how our furry family is sometimes the only ones we can count on.
Thank You for sharing.

Thanks Climber. Mommy still loves them too! ;)