Cats, Dogs And Other Types Of Pets

I had many types of pets growing up. Jackson chameleons - two males and one female at different times, a short-haired cat, a baby bird that fell out of its nest, a bull mastiff, two newborn kittens.

I am reading the cutest blog on cats mimicking humans and I know how true it is that pets mimic their human family members. I wanted to share the stories here for those who also appreciate animal antics. :)

Cats are intelligent animals and they have long memories. They can remember where you put their food, what time is time to eat, where the cupboard that won't close right is, where the sources of fresh water are, etc.

My cat refuses to drink from the water dish I have for it. It only drinks from the sink faucet, the bath faucet or the hose.

My cat taught itself how to pee in the toilet. Funny how my cat pees in the toilet and my dog drinks from the toilet.

After I got a new dog, my cat decided to pee in the water bowl and trash the food dishes.

My cat dips his paw into the water bowl and licks the water from his paw. I noticed he kept trying to drink out of the toilet too so now I shut the bathroom doors. I can't leave milk in a glass and I have to watch my drinks because he sure loves to taste everything. I found him scavenging for food at a park and brought him home with me. He never waits for me to feed him. He literally looks for food. I used to leave the kitty food bags on the counter and I can't do that anymore. He just bites a whole through the bag and feeds himself. He demands to go potty outside too. He waits by the door until I let him out. I leave the door cracked open and he returns within a few minutes.

My boy, Maui, captures my hair bands and dunks them in the water bowl (or toilet - yuck!). He was a stray I adopted, I'm guessing he thinks he's killing black snakes, but he never drinks sink water. His brother, Mokie, mostly drinks from the sink. I bought him this lovely stainless steel, filtered water dish that runs the water through an aquatic filter. He likes it, but he still runs for the bathroom sink or tub when I go in there for anything. He meows until I turn the water on, dips his head under the faucet and drinks, when he's done, he runs to find me and shakes his wet head all over me - EVERY time!

I have one that is the same way, only the faucet or if you flush the toilet he runs for it lol

My cat is a big barn cat type and when people see him, they can't get over how big/tall he is. I tell them he also sleeps next to me and snores and wakes me up! I roll him over to be quiet and he kicks me JUST like my ex would do. Cats DO learn from their owners LOL

My cat has a small stuffed teddybear that he feeds. Puts its head in the water for a bit, then puts it in the food, then takes him out and puts him under the couch or somewhere. He also has a bank. Collects round stuff - circular stuff like hair bands and milk jug rings, pens from the tables, key chains, then stashes them in a pile under the couch. First time I found the bank I was shocked that so much of my stuff that went missing was there.

My boy kitty eats the same amount of food that my girl kitty eats. Hes almost 20 lbs. but is half Mainecoon. The males can get up to 35. Everyone tells him hes fat and his feelings are very sensitive. Its just his breed.

I had a beautiful Japanese bobtail, he was such a personality. Always an inside cat, he ate two cans of catfood daily and all the dry cat food he wanted, plus what he could steal in the kitchen or beg off our plates. He was slim and trim all his life, but his liver quit, he died on Thanksgiving Day eating his last meal of turkey, his favorite food.

I dont have cats but let me tell you that in case this was new info for anyone companies will tell you anything including vets who make money selling the food to you. There is no kibbles and bits bush in the wild and cats did not keel over and die.

My late cat, Miss Kitters definitely mimicked everything she saw me do. When I would go to get a drink of water out of the faucet, she would jump up on the counter and watch. She was fascinated by running water, and she finally refused to drink water out of a bowl. She also learned to use the toilet by herself. I couldn't believe it the first time I saw it, because I didn't teach her how to do it. That was the smartest, and longest living cat I ever had. She lived to be 16 years old, and she was an outside cat.

My cats know what time I get up for work and they get us up, and if they want a late night snack and are locked out, they will reach under the bedroom door and shake it until they wake the dogs up.

When I was working, my cat would grab my hand and try to pull it away from tying my shoes. Wanted me to stay home.

I adopted a couple of strays who I taught to "get the bug" on command! And when I adopted a dog, they taught him - it was amazing. Years later, I adopted a couple of kittens and the dog taught them to "get the bug" too, so now, I don't even have to say anything. They're all amazing and wonderful!
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Jan 20, 2013