My Dog Is Dying

I am one who considers my pets family . I  have three dogs, Emma, Blues and Maggie . Maggie is two, Blues is five, and Emma is thirteen .My dogs are all 'shelter rescued' dogs. Emma is dying as I type this. I am so sad about this. She has been wetting her dog bed while sleeping on occasion lately, but still playing some with the other dogs . Very early this AM, I went to the kitchen and she did not respond to me . She seemed very confused. My husband and son and I discussed this later in the AM, that we  needed to keep a close eye on her. She seemed much worse towards late afternoon. She has been on her dog bed most of the day. Her breathing is very shallow, and just a while ago, as I was petting her and comforting her, she wet her dog bed while she was awake. She seems very weak now.

Emma has been my close companion for all these years now. She has been with me in happy times and sad times too. She is always by my side.She has been the gentlest of dogs, she wont even harm a frog, toad or lizard, as I have taught her not too. She wont even put her paw on them.  Yet she is protective of all of us. just the sweetest natured dog you could imagine . She swam for the very first time in a river near my home. She was only a couple of months old, and actually started to go under  when she was first in the water. When she saw that she could swim, you could not keep her out of water. She loves it so. She swam with all of us and it was so fun to have her with us. She just swam a few weeks back, even though it was pretty cold. That is Emma. She brings you a stick to throw in the water, retreives it, brings it back, and is ready to go again. She can tire us out .

So, tomorrow AM, we are taking Emma to the vets, and having her put down, of course he will evaluate her first, but I know he will agree. We think she may have had a stroke or a bad heart attack.  We have lost dogs before to age, but this time, especially for me, it is extra hard, as I am quite sick myself, and I will miss her gentle sweet company more than I can express . I do believe in an afterlife and I believe that we will be reunited with our beloved pets. That is some comfort for me. If anyone were to meet Emma, they would love her, everyone does . She is just so affectionate and loving. My other two dogs know something is very wrong, they are sad. You can see by watching them. Maggie, whom we call baby Maggie or 'laughing girl'is laying so close to her, yet not bothering Emma, just licking her occasionally. Blues looks sad too, though he is a hound, and has that sad faced thing going anyway, but he looks extra sad, you can really see it in his eyes . It amazes me how smart animals are, how aware . So, that is my sad story tonight. All pets have their own unique and special personalities . I am really going to miss my 'constant companion' !!!!


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"It is better to have loved than never love at all"<br />
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May Emma be in the arms of St. Francis tonight with all the other loved animals that have left our care for awhile.<br />
<br />
May your memories sustain you in the coming weeks and months as you think about your dear pet.<br />
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Blessings Always,