My Horse and Dog Are Family

 Sometimes my horse and dog are the only reasons I go home every few weekends.  I know my dog might not have too many years left on him, so any chances I get to see him and play with him is valuable to me.  My parents are secondary to me seeing my horse, believe it or not.  I LOVE my horse.  I raised him from a colt, taught him everything he knows, and we have an understanding because my parents and brother hate him and he returns the favor. He can be nasty and impish at times, but for the most part he is well-behaved when I'm around.  Is it also weird that I consider my truck part of my family??  :)

filthydieseltech filthydieseltech
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3 Responses Feb 8, 2009

My dog is 15 years old--he can't see outta one eye, can hardly hear, and he has trouble walking cuz of his hip. I'm not sure how much time he's got left, but he doesn't seem ready to go yet, which is a good thing..

lmao--no my truck is actually very good on gas. sometimes it takes it a liiiiittle too far, but no, i wouldn't send it to an AA meeting just yet. ;)

Considering pets part of the family is normal. Of course it is. About the truck, of course its part of the family and if it gives trouble, its the black sheep of the family. Oh and if it uses a lot of gas then better send it to AA, it has a drinking problem hehehehe