You Know ..

You know when your pets have become your family when your grieve for them. It's just like losing a family member or someone very close to you. I've recently gone through this kind of berevment and, like when you lose a human friend/family member, you never think you're going to get over it! *X*

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4 Responses Mar 19, 2009

I had to put down my baby of 13 years last night...I can hardly stand it today. To walk in and ask someone to kill your child is heartbreaking, all I could do is cry. Then to bury her and it rained...I just kept thinking I shouldnt have left her out there during a storm

Don't be hard on yourself about forgetting for a while. It shows you are recovering.<br />
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Thanks Fleurina. I know what you mean about looking out for them. It's nearly been a month and I still look for my dog Rudi and then it clicks and I realize I'm not going to see him again :( It's awful because then I feel twice as bad for forgetting for a while *X*

Oh yes I understand. My cat and birds are signed up family members. In fact, they are my family. If one of them dies, there is a period of mourning when you keep looking out for them. It takes a while for the info to sink in. I hope that you feel better soon.