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I lost my Mom who was my best friend, when I was 12. My life was horrible because my mother's death opened up the doors for my father to abuse me as much as he wanted, because my mom was not there to stop him. I got my cat Willie in 1997, hoping for a friend. He was soo cute and funny, but had his own agenda, and it did not include cuddling with me. Nevertheless, I took him with me when I moved out in 2000, and we grew very close. However, something was still missing. I expanded our family in 2002 when I rescued Mysti from the shelter. Everything got better from there. Mysti is the glue that holds us together-- she is so affectionate and nurturing and just plain gorgeous. She really rescued us! She grooms Willie (he appreciates this because he weighs 30 pounds now) and she always pulls the covers off of me and kisses me good morning. Both cats are quick to jump to my defense, especially whenever my "dad" comes around for money.

Mysti completes our family. Her love and soft touch have brought us all closer together. She is adorable when she sleeps because she covers her eyes with her paws, like she is so exhausted! (I have seen her peeking at me when she was doing this!)

I cannot fully explain my love for my babies. Both of them have truly saved my life and made it of much higher quality. Having two little people who love me unconditionally is the best feeling! The hole in my heart after losing Mom is not nearly as big anymore, because it was filled with love from my babies.

In closing, they are very intelligent and intuitive. They frequently look at the picture of my Mom and often kiss it. I never really thought I would be a cat person, especially not to this degree. I am a professional businesswomen by day and a catwoman by night I guess!

I love Mysti & Willie!!!!

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2 Responses Mar 26, 2009

My Willie went home with my Mom on the morning of August 24, 2009. :-(

That is so sweet! I'm sorry about your mom and the circumstances with your dad. I love my 6 babies too. They comfort and cheer me when I'm down. I couldn't imagine life without my babies. And you're right, they are much more intelligent then most believe. More intelligent than alot of people I know! LOL