(Part 2) The Adventures Of Krackers Hamilton

w e often let krackers Hamilton and girlie mouse explore together in the hallway they tear around and get very fast it's almost like they are hovering.

Hamsters generally are solitary creatures they are unsocial to each other, if you introduce two males they will end up fighting even if they are related. if you introduce a male to a female he will automatically be interested, but unless she is in season she will not be interested in him and will not be shy in letting him know.

After a few months we thought 'what the hell' we might as well breed them, to see wahat nice babies they might have. my GF was in the pet shop and asked the owner if they buy hamsters from owners, and he said they are always looking for them. so we knew that if girlry mouse had a litter that they would find homes.

Hamsters come into season every four days and you always know because the male is usually climbing the bars of his cage, when he knows there's a female around LOL.


Krackers Climbing His Cage

WE let them try twice and the second time Krackers seemed to take too long getting himself ready, he seemed to be very caring and giving Girley Mouse a lot of attention. He was also washing his face which i think started to annoy her. when the female is on season she goes all stiff and doesn't move, but when she comes out of this trance she can be vicious as we found out.

She attacked poor Krackers first she seemed to be sniffing his back but we realised she was routing through his hair, she tried to sink her teeth in. he ahad a lucky escape as we seperated them just in time. he squeaked with fright when he felt her teeth.

We decided we probably shouldnt continue trying to breed them, but we noticed after a few days that Girley Mouse had put on weight and was drinking more water, we werent sure but we kept an eye on her.

She was pregnant and grew bigger and bigger it was funny because it seemed to make her more hyper than usual, and she used to jump down form the top balcony of her cage to the next level you would hear her plop down. It never seemed to bother her but we got worried in case it would hurt the babies inside. Emma my girlfriend, came up with a great idea and gave her a large tub to make her nest in and put her drinking bottle upstairs.

She seemed to like it one day I looked in on her and there was no babies yet, but I said to Emma 'She's had them!' and she jumped up, and I said I was just kidding she was mad with me. then 2 days later Emma looked in on her and called me and said 'She's had them!' I didn't believe her. I thought she might be trying to get me back for teasing her a few days before. she said 'No I'm serious come and see them', I peeked in you could just see what looked like tiny sausages wriggling under her.


               Girley Mouse & Her Babies

We didnt want to frighten the mother because we heard that if they think they might be attacked hamsters will eat their babies.

We just let her take care of them her own way


                      The Little Babies

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May 23, 2009