The Boyz

My cats are definitely my family. They're my boyz! I spoil them rotten & they keep me entertained and give me their affection in return. They've got better personalities than some of my human relatives!  

zillaron zillaron
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10 Responses Jun 28, 2009

Your boys are definitely cute.


Your boyz are adorable! And the pic with their paws like that is too cute. Thanks for sharing!

I'm right there with ya!!!! My house is a zoo and they are all SPOILED!! 2 cats 2 dogs 1 ferret 2 hermit crabs 1 bearded dragon 1 ball python 6 fish and 2 daughters. And they are all rescues.

Thanks EPArsineh

The boyz are very cute. Can't wait to read more stories about the two. Thanks for sharing!

My, you have a vivid imagination joywish! Come to think of it I, don't think they're in Kansas anymore...

Oh I so agree, better than humans.

Thanks ollyjo, I think I'll keep 'em!

what beautiful boys u have - u and they are incredibly lucky to have one another