You Bet We Do

You bet our dogs are part of the family. They share our lives and our house would be empty with out them.

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I have little in the way of family - and those members live far from me. For as long as i have been independent I have had my pets. They are closer to me than almost anybody. Of course they are a liability - but one i gladly accept as part of "the deal".
They have always enriched my life...during bad times made it bearable. I accept the sacrifice of not being able to travel as easily as most of my friends and so on. When they have died I have been profoundly distressed.

I have this to say i love my four lads I was never abel to have children and they are my nearest and dearest. If my two legged family dislikes my lads they can stuff it. Meaning I chose to have them and therefore it is my duty to be here for them as they are for me. I will not let them down. They have already been let down by their former "owners" I do not use baby talk they get the food ment for them because that is the best I can give them. Yes they lounge all day on my sofas and my bed.They are the love of my life. I lost one of my precious lads in June and i miss him fircely. However knowing just how many are waiting in the wings for their forever home. Does come with the choice for life namely to share the uniqe bond of love and trust I shared with the one who is now at the Rainbow bridge. I have rescued a young greyhound who had never been in a real home before and who had never known love or compassion. In that way I gave him a second chance and honour the memory of my lad who died. The future belongs to those of us who are alive . We must leave the past behind us. We can learn from it and keep our memories but life continues on hence my choice to help yet another needy greyhound. They are sighthounds and tey get the best of everything they deserve as much. They are ex-racing greyhounds they were unwanted but not by me. There will always be a place and a time for everything.As well as enough space in my heart for a needy greyhound.

omg its the dude~!~!~ hi DUDE~! Im a total animal lover couldn't agree more I baby talk them and happy talk and normal talk why not it helps the soul and they like it what are we supposed to do meow or bark? KEEP COOL dude and avoid ferrets!..lmao

I totally agree with you. I can't imdagine life without my two pooches. They are like my babies. My eldest dog loves the whole baby talk thing he seems so happy when you use that tone of voice. Of corse when i am telling them both to do some thing i use a stern voice. Although with my older dog i have to use a high pitched tone because he's going def and can't hear lower tones bless. i don't dress my dogs but my greyhound has a coat for the cold winters. Any way hell yer i'm glad you consider your pets as family.

No I dont dress them up or things like that, all though they do understand WAY more than you may think...And the Hound dog eats EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! But it is the LOVE that they give and they do give love and that is why they are members of our family not just something we own.

you are so sincere,and i can feel you mean what you say.thank you for being a responsible pet owner.they are part of our lives here.whats the sense of having a dog tied to a tree?

Its fine to love your pet but Please don't baby talk to them, feed them human food often because its not good for them, or ask your pet questions they don't even public. that makes you just look crazy. So if your love for your pets doesn't disgust your family or the general public, love that pet dearly!

that is so wit u on life wuld b empty too without my 3 dogs