Bud And Rocko

My husband and I have two beautiful dogs, Bud and Rocko. We got Bud in March of '06 and he was our only little boy until last April we adopted Rocko. We treat our boys as if they are our children, my in-laws are very big animal lovers also and consider Bud and Rocko their Grandchildren. My half of the family have never been animal lovers and find if very hard that we take them to the vet, buy them toys, and treat them like our kids. I tried to explain to them, but they just see the things we do for them as a waste of money. They will never know the love, compassion, warmth and joy they bring us. Bud will be 4 in March and Rocko 2 in July. We will continue to have birthdays and give them Christmas presents and enjoy our life with them as long as we are able to.

My husband and I are trying to purchase a new home, since the boys have lived in our current home their entire lives I'm worried about how they will feel about the new house, hopefully everything will be alright.


HelloRabbit HelloRabbit
22-25, F
Feb 9, 2010