My Pets - Cats Are My Family......

 I totally feel my cat is part of my family. She has a neat little attitude that makes her part of the family, and she gets right in there and makes sure you notice her, she makes her presence. I have other cats and they have all been the same, all had their little attitudes, and make sure people notice them, if you don't they will make sure you do in a hurry, it is hilarious, the world would be boring without cats!!

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Haha same,but my cat is really bossy,i used to think she uses me (because of food)..So one day i totally ignored her,and she freakin went crazy,she kept following me where ever i would go and keep meowing,telling me why arent you answering,and from then on-wards i got to know that she doesn't just use me but she loves me! (: and your right the world would be boring!! without cats xD

I agree, cats are the best and they are considered part of the family. They make wonderful pets. I like Janne23, I also have 3 cats & 1 dog and love them all.