Summary to Why I Think I'm In Here...

I usually don't equate straight-up "knowledge" to one's "Intelligence"....but...hmmm...

1) In about third or forth grade, read philosophy summary books about Des Carte, Locke, Plato, and such; tried to share this glorious (to me at the time) knowledge, only to have one of my best friends look at me and say "Who cares, don't be such a f***** nerd about things"

2) Before digital camera's were that common (like '97-98), my step-dad got one (he's in real estate, reeaaly handy to take pics of a house and e-mail them!) and I used it to photograph me dancing and made a screen saver of me dancing and shaking my butt to "I'm too Sexy" by Right Said Fred, and it turned out everyone downloaded to every computer at school as it's screen saver!

3) Had to re-take a typing class when I switched school counties, so I decided to make a program to type for me while I surfed the counties extremely awesome T1 county line.

4) Video-taped many scenes of me, friends, and things while I was stationed in the far-east for three years in the Navy; made music videos out of them, pretty good ones by my shipmate's opinions; was once told "You make VIDEOS out of your home movies; MUSIC VIDEOS! And good ones, who the **** does that!?!" often.

5) Can usually talk down a pro-lifer, and sometimes, if all the planets align together, even an uber-christian person; at least to the "let's agree to disagree but thanks-you-gave-me-stuff-to-consider" level of intelligent communication.

6) When I talk to friends I've had for a while, I am constantly told "Holy ****, wait, you remember that?!?" When I bring up off-handed comments they made many years ago in my presence.

7) If I'm with a particular female, I end up knowing their "cycle" better than they do. Three times now I've had one of those "I don't know how to tell you this...but I'm late!" conversations where I start laughing out loud and exclaiming "No, hon; you are mistaken. You still have 5 days before you should even start!"

Ummm...yea that's it for now, it's almost 5AM as I type this, and I don't mean to sound so self-gratifying in this, but else you gonna make a post in the "I Consider Myself to Be Well Educated" group unless you show examples, or at least one good shiny example??

dedre dedre
31-35, M
Mar 21, 2009