It Wasn't Actually Chesting.

That was the stoty I told myself. I didn't physically hook up, so I didn't consider it cheating. I shared erotic preferences, fantasies and emails with pics. I justified it by lack of romantic attention. My wife saw all my emails. She was blown away. I told other women abour our sex life and things about me that she never knew. It started sharing in sex topics on a health website and lead to adult chat sites with no limits.
I hurt her terribly. She wanted a divorce. Our marriage is healing. I regret getting starting. Sadly, I still get tempted to play online, but I don't go their.
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6 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Hi, are you willing to talk with me about this?

Online is the same as cheating.

I am going through this now with my husband , and I feel I have found just the tip of the iceberg . I'm devastated , and the guilty party always tries to blame the spouse . I am trying to get through it . Trust is earned and had to be redeemed for the marriage to work . I wish you luck .

thank you for sharing. stay strong. know your triggers and avoid them. I only get online now on public or with one of my Children next to me to avoid temptation. I also pray. lol.

it actually "was" cheating...

awe thats good! everyone makes mistakes

chesting? do you mean cheating?