The needle too full for comfort.

The shaking won't stop.

My arms are wrapped around my stomach,

trying to squeeze all the bad thoughts,

that over power my body.

They make me wish for the end,

wish but never granted.

My eyes grow blurry despite my perfect vision.

I feel something roll down my face,

warm and soggy.

The remaining pieces of my life.

A fierce thud that beats against my left arm.

I hear it behind my ears too.

A small hole is created on the inside of my elbow,

a serum numbs the burning inside of me.

Wishing again,

that it will soon be over.

Such a hopeless thing to do now.

I remove the band,

the restraint.

Slowly letting my hidden thoughts catch up with me.

Too numb to feel the loneliness,

seep through the cracks.

A blackness fills my head.

One last thought escapes,

My love is over,

my meaning dead,

and my being lifeless at last.

whatamitosay whatamitosay
18-21, F
Feb 14, 2009